Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Art sites and info.

I decided to start this site for my clients who have asked to be added to my newsletter mailing list. Since I don't have a mailing list, I thought this way would be better so that each person can go in and read my posts and view all of my MANY sites that way, instead of getting so many emails in their inbox.

I plan to update this when I have any new or exciting information to share, and welcome any and all comments to my posts. I'm frequently becoming a member of new sites and fun things, so I'll post those sites here (the site names are clickable):

EBSQ- my very first site that I was ever invited ot join. I've received many commission requests through this site and recommend it to any artist to photographer out there.

Argus Galleries- I was invited to join this new, online art gallery several months ago.

Impactfolios- I was just asked to join this online gallery 2 weeks ago.

Saatchi Gallery- I was invited to be a part of this online art gallery that's in the UK.

Boutique Mom - I was asked by this super sweet lady if she could feature my work on her site about a month ago. Here, you can see what she wrote about me...

Imagekind Prints- I was contacted about a week ago to showcase my work on this fun site. I've been wanting to sell prints of my work for a long time, and now I'm able to do that! You can purchase just the print if you don't want it framed and matted. Much cheaper that way!

Confetti Kidz- Here, Susan contacted me and asked if she could sell my children's artwork and furniture in her online boutique!

Ebay Smoocherpoo- Here's the link for you to see everything I have for sale at once.

And, finally

Photobucket- I decided to use this site not only as a great website, but also as a great place to host my pictures. I have html codes all over the place, and thanks to this site, I can place my pictures anywhere that allows html!

So, as you can see, I'm all over the place! When I get added to new sites, or any other exciting news comes about, I'll be sure to post it here!




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