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I'd like to write a few questions that I've gotten from clients in the past, and also some questions to give you a little more background on Smoocherpoo Designs. Of course, I always welcome questions (and comments!) no matter how big or small, so ask away!

Is there a meaning behind your Ebay name?

Yes, and no. When my husband and I first got married, he would call me smoocherpoo as a fun nickname. About a year after we were married, he talked me into trying to sell some of my artwork that I had lying around on Ebay, but when I had to come up with an i.d., I had nothing! Then, he said "How about Smoocherpoo!?" Luckily I chose that name because now it fits perfectly with my chilren's artwork theme!

Have you always wanted to do children's furniture?

I honestly never really thought about it, until one day when I was out shopping and saw a cute, unfinished table and chairs set, so I thought it would be fun to paint. I painted it and listed it on Ebay and got about 12 bids, and it sold way more than what I listed it for...I was hooked! While that listing as up, I got questions from other Ebay members asking me if I could paint a custom set, or even other furniture for them, and I've been loving it ever since.

How long have you been selling on Ebay?

Since 9/12/02

Who is your favorite Ebay artist?

I love all of the work of the ladies in my online groups, but I'd honestly have to say The Painted Cardinal. Her work is so amazing. She does portraits that are so life-like, you have to do a double take!

Who do you get your inspiration from?

Most designers of children's boutique-type items usually get their inspiration from their children. We currently do not have children, but I'd have to say that mine comes from both my wonderful husband and the parents that buy the artwork and furniture from me! I've met so many amazing clients over the years that have encouraged me with their kind words when I'd show them pictures of the progress I've made while designing their furniture, and especailly when it arrives and they email me right away so thilled to have it!

How many hours per week do you spend designing items for both Ebay and customs?

For items that I just design myself, and then list on Ebay, I'd say about 42 hours 7 days a week, and on customs, once I get started it's hard for me to put down the paintbrush, so I'll paint about 12 hours per day until I complete the piece that was commissioned. That's my number one compliment that I get, is how fast I am!

Do you sell outside of ebay?

Yes! I'm on quite a few boards (notice my second post on this site)and get contacted that way, and also through Ebay when someone sees my table sets, but wants to know if I paint other furniture. I just send them a Paypal invoice! I've sold about as many pieces outside of ebay as I have on Ebay!

As far as furniture goes, do you only paint table sets?

No! I love working with all furniture, and wall art! I've painted toddler beds, table sets, night stands, bookshelves, frames, footstools and many other items.

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A Cosmetologist! I've always had a creative streak and knew it would be something related to that, but I never dreamed I'd be a professional artist. I thank my wonderful husband of five years for that. He encourages me and is happy that I work from home doing my dream job, and he's my biggest fan.

Tell us one thing about yourself that we may find surprising.

I can't pencil draw very well, so I freehand paint everything straight onto the piece I'm working on without ever drawing it first! :)

Have a great day!


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Awwww TY SO much!!!!! It means SO much to me that you love my work. I always feel it is an honor to illustrate for my clients ~ it is also an honor to have met you ~ your work too is amazing!!!! And certainly a keepsake to cherish always!

Big hugs ~

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