Saturday, September 30, 2006

Great news!

Well, this has nothing to do with my artwork, but I'm so excited and wanted to post our great news!

We're going to be first time parents!!!!

We just found out Thursday, and I'm almost 5 weeks along. I guess now I have to get started on painting some furniture and artwork for our own baby! :)


Anonymous Carolyn Baldwin said...

Hi Brandi and Josh !
I just rec'd news of your precious Krynn Avery's arrival and am SOOOO happy for you (having TWO beautiful girls myself...and TWO Grandies, as well !) Josh, the one gift that you will receive from your daughter for the rest of your life is, unlike a son, she will HUG and KISS you forever, and you will always be her HERO !
Brandi, alotta work, huh" But worth every second forever! Brandi, I will write you soon about an art project I am "hatching" for you...but want you to recover and settle into your new role first.....
y'all are so blessed and the pictures are simply perfect! She is an absolute little DOLL!
CONGRATS to all.
Ms. Carolyn (Jennie's Mom)

10:32 PM  

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